Updated: May 20

A website allows tradesmen to advertise their business around the clock, giving potential customers the chance to see reviews, browse your gallery and learn about your company.

Tradesmen are able to book in more projects and connect with customers easily making their job as a business owner hassle-free we know based of statistics tradesmen are too busy and are in high demand for commercial and residential projects all over the country.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s super important for tradesmen to have a website.

Tradesmen often get comfortable with just having a Facebook or Instagram page when in actual fact over 80% of users would place there trust in a business that has a website rather than just a social media page, we know tradesmen aren’t website design experts they are tradesmen social media is probably the best they can do “tech wise” and are often hesitant to make the plunge into owning their own website well we are here to help you make an educated decision on why tradesmen need a website for their business to succeed online.

why tradesmen need a website.

1. 24/7 Advertising.

Your website is there to serve you around the clock advertising your business even when your sleeping helping tradesmen book jobs in passively, it’s the ultimate business tool allowing your booking in system to flow effortlessly whilst maintaining maximum visibility online.

2. Customers are looking for tradesmen.

It’s a known fact there are over 9,900 monthly searches for “tradesmen” on google, the result of ranking your website on googles first page with the correct seo strategy could turn those clicks into clients and those clients into revenue for your business.

3. Brand identity.

Having a branded business website gives your customers a unique experience, customers will recognise your brand from social media, your van, leaflets and your website giving them a familiar sense of trust having seen your brand online.

4. Book in more projects.

Having a business website will help you land more projects consistently. With tradesmen in more demand than ever people are searching for your services online, there are thousands of searches every month for tradesmen within every industry and there's projects being undertaken, and business transactions are being made all with the power of a professional website with the right seo strategy.

5. Credibility.

Customers searching for tradesmen are more likely to trust your business over your competitors, giving your customers the opportunity to browse your website, view your portfolio, read reviews and contact you directly through your website.