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website design for tradesmen

Website Design For Tradesmen

Website Design Built For Tradesmen!

Brand Authority

Grow your business

Increase Sales

DLDWebDesign focuses on designing and creating professional websites for all trades.

Our tradesman websites are designed to be mobile friendly as standard, ensuring your visitors have the same great experience on mobile and tablet as they do on desktop. We want to capture your audience from the word go and with our dedicated design team, we can do just that.

We are a local company based in Lancashire and are easily accessible 24/7 by telephone and email for you to be able make amendments and changes, when required. Designing professional websites for trades is our priority and we aim to undertake your vision and make it a reality.   

As a business owner, we understand you do not have the time to manage your website, that’s where we come in. Let us take away the stress and pressure of you having to ensure your website is kept up to date and accurate in its design and information. 

We understand in today’s climate, time is money and website design may not be on your top priority list.

Even after launch, our goal is to keep your website at its peak performance ensuring you are found on the google search engine at every opportunity. 

website design for tradesmen
website design for tradesmen

5 benefits of a tradesman website

1. 24/7 Advertising.

Your website is there to serve you around the clock advertising your business even when your sleeping helping tradesmen book jobs in passively, it’s the ultimate business tool allowing your booking in system to flow effortlessly whilst maintaining maximum visibility online.

2. Customers are looking for tradesmen.

It’s a known fact there are over 9,900 monthly searches for “tradesmen” on google, the result of ranking your website on googles first page with the correct seo strategy could turn those clicks into clients and those clients into revenue for your business.

3. Brand identity.
Having a branded business website gives your customers a unique experience, customers will recognise your brand from social media, your van, leaflets and your website giving them a familiar sense of trust having seen your brand online.
4. Book in more projects.
Having a business website will help you land more projects consistently. With tradesmen in more demand than ever people are searching for your services online, there are thousands of searches every month for tradesmen within every industry and there's projects being undertaken, and business transactions are being made all with the power of a professional website with the right seo strategy.

5. Credibility.
Customers searching for tradesmen are more likely to trust your business over your competitors, giving your customers the opportunity to browse your website, view your portfolio, read reviews and contact you directly through your website.


Get a quick quote!

Schedule a quick 1-to-1 session with me today and lets chat about your tradesmen website design project!


Tradesmen often get comfortable with just having a Facebook or Instagram page this can work well for them however when in actual fact over 80% of users would place there trust in a business that has a tradesman website rather than just a social media page so in reality your leaving yourself short when thinking about long term growth for your business.

Reach a wider audience with a website that’s created to capture customers at a click of a button and make your lead generation system flow effortlessly with our bespoke marketing solutions.

We take pride in hand-crafting professional websites from scratch and brainstorming creative ideas with our clients to bring their ideas to life.

A website allows tradesmen to advertise their website around the clock, giving potential customers the chance to see reviews, browse your gallery and learn about your company.

Tradesmen are able to book in more jobs and connect with customers easily making their job as a tradesmen business owner hassle-free we know based of statistics tradesmen are too busy and are in high demand therefore not leaving enough time in their day to run a website.

That's where we come in as well as building your website we also offer a full website management service with ongoing support so you can be rest assured your website is at its peak performance.

Gain more customers with your website!

We build websites for trades throughout the UK helping them maximise their online presence through creative marketing. 

How to get-started.

Drop us a quick message, tell us about your project and one of our experts will contact you.

Be as detailed as possible in our chat so we know exactly what your looking for.

We will then provide you the best package that suits your marketing requirements.

What you get working with me

I am a self-taught professional with a passion for tradesman websites, seo and helping tradesmen gain more customers online, by hiring a freelance professional your saving hundreds if not thousands by cutting out the big mainstream “corporate agencies”.

As well as being your website manager we work together as a team to help grow website.

I optimise your websites pages on google frequently keeping your website up-to-date and at its peak performance.

We launch your website straight to the top of google search results generating you more traffic, leads and conversions.

Want to rank higher in search engines?

We help Chorley business owners appear in top tier positions on google through web design and search engine optimisation.

Our goal is not only to build you an amazing website but to build you a long term business tool designed to generate your business consistent customer’s year in year out.

We work closely with pioneers in the web design industry ensuring we utilise the latest tools and trends in the creative space.

Over the years we have mastered the art of search engine optimisation which is the process used in order to get your website ranking on google for keywords relating to your business.


Grow your business with a new website.

Having a new website can help you grow your business in many ways, from gaining new customers to showcasing your work your website is your best salesman.

Advertising your business around the clock year in year out you can be rest assured your website is earning its keep.

We don’t just build websites we build pioneering business tools designed to help you scale your business online.

Automate your lead generation system with we bespoke website designed around your business requirements.

Tradesmen, we know your too busy to manage your website that’s where we come in as well as building websites for tradesmen we also offer a full website management service with on-going support.

We help you capture leads from your website with a lead capture form and start the conversation with potential customers directly from your email or mobile app.

A tradesmen website is a great way to show off your work with a professional before and after gallery and customer testimonials. 

Giving potential customers the chance to get to know you, your company and get a feel for the work you do!


We live and breathe websites, no we mean it!

We take pride in designing professional websites for tradesmen,

DLDWebDesign have a mutual understanding of the trade having experience in working in the construction industry in all aspects of business.

We know how to communicate your business to your customers properly ensuring you have the best chances of converting that customer into a lead.

We are Google wizards Harry!

Track your SEO stats and understand your audience better with a built in analytics system.

We help you rank in top tier positions on google for keywords relating to your business,

Let’s say my roof is leaking and I need a roofer to repair it asap.

I am heading to google and typing in “roof repair” “roof repair specialists near me” this is known as a keyword or search term.

We help rank your website 1st for keywords relating to your business and services as well as covering the areas you work in.


You’re the boss!

Manage and update your website directly from your website dashboard, with access to integrated marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Of course you don’t need a website manager if your more than capable of using a computer or laptop you can manage and update your website yourself.

However, we are always on hand if you require any technical assistance with your website.

Websites for Tradesmen

Advertising your business 24/7

A professional tradesman website is your best salesman advertising and promoting your business around the clock with little to no maintenance involved letting you to focus more on what you do best leaving the technical stuff to me.


Web Design Packages

When you choose us to build your website you get your very own website manager to assist you 24/7.

Small Business Package

This package is best suited to smaller businesses.

  • Custom 5 Page Website

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Google Indexed

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Website Content Creation

  • Website Manager

(Extra pages requested will have a design fee of £49.99)


Want to know more about this package? drop us a quick message and schedule a call with us!

Large Business Package

This package is best suited to large businesses.

  • Custom 10-15 Page Website

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Google Indexed

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Website Content Creation

  • Website Manager

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Analytics

  • Google My Business

(Extra pages requested will have a design fee of £99.99)


Want to know more about this package? drop us a quick message and schedule a call with us!

E-Commerce Website

This package is best suited to online stores.

  • Custom E-Commerce Design

  • 10-15 Website Pages

  • Unlimited Product Pages

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Google Indexed

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Website Content Creation

  • Website Manager

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Analytics

  • Google My Business

(Extra pages requested will have a design fee of £129.99)


Want to know more about this package? drop us a quick message and schedule a call with us!

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