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SEO South Shields

SEO South Shields

Your local seo experts in South Shields.

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization is the process of making sure that your website appears high in the results when people type keywords into Google or other search engines. This helps you reach potential customers and generate leads for your business.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s the practice of optimizing your site so that it ranks higher in search results than competitors who aren’t doing anything special.

Send me a list of keywords you would like to be ranking for on google.

Together we brainstorm a plan, re-search your competitors and the most searched keywords relevant to your company.

I then begin creating your website keeping you updated every step of the way as well as brainstorming ideas together.

SEO South Shields

Website Design that converts visitors into customers

My websites don't just look professional they convert visitors into customers by utilising the latest SEO trends.

"its not just about building a website for the user you have to build a website for the search engines" .

Search Engine Optimisation is the bridge between you and a potential customer searching for your services or products, SEO better known as Search Engine Optimisation is a set of practices used to increase your organic traffic. This can range from activities such as building landing pages, optimising website content for search engines, link building, keyword research, competitor research just to name a few.

As well as being your website design manager we work together as a team to help grow your website.

I optimise your websites pages on google frequently keeping your website up-to-date and at its peak performance.

We launch your website straight to the top of google search results generating you more traffic, leads and conversions.

SEO South Shields

Website Design that advertises your business 24/7

Grow your business with a website that’s designed with your target audience in mind.

We don’t just build websites to look pretty, we build our websites with user experience and search engines in mind.

Website design created to convert visitors into customers by utilising the latest search engine optimisation  trends with a modern twist, we have been in the web design industry for years helping business owners throughout the UK succeed online, your website is your best salesman promoting your business around the clock 365 days a year in and year out.

Web Design

SEO South Shields

With creative website design I help business owners generate more traffic online leading to more customers through their website.


SEO South Shields

Search engine optimisation is the bridge between your website and a potential customer that needs your service, I help position your business in top tier ranks on google helping drive more traffic.

Digital Marketing

SEO South Shields

Facebook and Instagram Ads and content creation is a great way to promote your website and services, with creative graphic design we can make this process simple for our clients.

SEO South Shields

Be there when your customers need you with a professional website design!

If your business does not exist online you’re simply missing out, your potential customers won’t be able to find you when searching for your service or products make sure that not only do you appear in search results but you stand out from the crowd with a professional branded business website.

Want to rank higher with search engine optimisation?

We help  business owners appear in top tier positions on google through web design and search engine optimisation.

Our goal is not only to build you an amazing website but to build you a long term business tool designed to generate your business consistent customer’s year in year out.

We work closely with pioneers in the website design industry ensuring we utilise the latest tools and trends in the creative space.

Over the years we have mastered the art of search engine optimisation which is the process used in order to get your website ranking on google for keywords relating to your business.

SEO South Shields

Grow your business with a new website.

Having a new website can help you grow your business in many ways, from gaining new customers to showcasing your work, your website is your best salesman.

Advertising your business around the clock year in year out you can be rest assured your website is earning its keep.

We don’t just build websites we build pioneering business tools designed to help you scale your business online.

Automate your lead generation system with we bespoke website designed around your business requirements.

SEO South Shields

How to get started

Give your business the online presence it deserves with a bespoke branded website.

Drop me a quick message about your web design project, make sure to be as informative as possible so I can provide you the most accurate quote.

Once we have established your goals we will create a custom web design plan catering to your needs and requirements.

I then get to work creating your website leaving you to focus on your business, keeping you updated of your websites progress at each stage.

SEO South Shields

We help business owners in grow their business with search engine optimisation.
Your website is the bridge between you and potential customers that are searching for your services online, Be there for your customers at the right time with the power of website design and seo (search engine optimisation).

With our knowledge and experience in web design and search engine optimisation we are able to serve clients in multiple industries and niches, from small business websites to large ecommerce online stores we have a package suitable for every project both big and small.

So you’re a business owner and you’re looking for a new website and you’ve came across us why?

That’s because you’ve searched they keyword “Search Engine Optimisation Chorley”  and we appear on the 1st page of google.

That’s because at DLDWebDesign We practice what we preach SEO!

SEO South Shields

SEO better known as search engine optimisation is the bridge between you and a potential customer that’s looking for your services or products.

To put things into a simpler perspective let’s say I have a leak in my roof and I need it repairing as soon as possible.

I’m heading straight to google and typing in “roof repair specialist” or “roofing company near me”

This is known as a keyword or search term; in this case we would build a series of pages dedicated to dominating those keywords or search terms ensuring we have the best chance at conquering 1st page.


SEO South Shields

SEO South Shields: Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimisation is a more defined seo strategy that focuses on ranking website pages for keywords relating to your business, services or products in local areas you want to rank for. For example, if I was a roofer in London I would want my website to rank on google for “roof repairs London” this is an example of local seo. As well as targeting local search we get your website ranking on the google map packs through Google My Business seo although this process is a separate entity from your website it’s still mandatory if you want to appear in the Google map pack results.

SEO South Shields: Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most fundamental part of any search engine optimisation campaign but with so many keywords out there to choose from how do you know what keywords can you actually rank for and will bring you the most relevant traffic? We use the latest seo tools in the industry such as SemRush and Ubersuggest to determine what keywords are worth going after first.

Each keyword has its own competition and its own domain authority score, a website with an authority score of 6 will have a very difficult time ranking for a keyword with the domain authority of 35 this is why keyword research is vital for the success of your seo campaign.
So why is the domain authority higher for certain keywords?

Simply because the keyword being searched has a higher search volume so it’s a much more competitive space to rank however the keyword with the lower domain authority has a lower search volume but and less competitive so you have better chance at competing for that top spot.
As you begin conquering top positions on google for less competitive keywords your domain authority will increase as you go allowing you to then target the more competitive keywords.

SEO South Shields: Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is web analytics service by google that tracks and reports website traffic,
It will give you a detailed overview in a pie chart showing you where your traffic is coming from may it be organic search, direct search, social media and more.

You can get a good understanding of your current target audience by going through your “queries” in google analytics this will show you what keywords and search terms you’re already appearing for on google and is a great place to get started. 

SEO South Shields: Landing Pages

So you’ve heard the term landing pages but don’t quite know how they work well let me explain, Landing pages are built for a specific purpose.

Landing pages are not a part of your websites menu but work in the background.

For example, if you were a roofer in London and wanted to target the keyword “roof repairs London” we would build a landing page or a series of landing pages targeting that particular keyword or keyword group which would give that page the best chance of ranking for that keyword given the fact that the whole page is based around that particular topic.

SEO South Shields: Reverse Engineer Success

We live by the phrase reverse engineer success in order to be the best you have to beat the best.

So if you want to rank on that top spot on google the best place to get started is by reverse engineering those who are already ranking first and take note of what Is working for them, why it’s working for them, and how you can implement that into your strategy to dominate the industry.
Take a look at what your competitors are doing and do one better it’s that simple.

If your competitors have a landing page that ranks first on google and it that two thousand words of text you better create a page that has three thousand words of text and make it better content.
Same rules apply to images, videos and keyword density.

SEO South Shields: Link Building

There are many forms of link building form internal links, external links, follow links no follow links it can all sound confusing but we are here to simplify the technical jargon into an understandable language.

Internal links are links from one of your websites pages to another page on your website. External links and links from your website to another website.

Do follow links and don’t follow links what’s the difference?

Do follow links passes page ranking signals and can help page rankings, no follow links are the opposite and do not count towards your page rank. 

SEO South Shields: Blog SEO

So you’ve spent hours creating a perfect blog post but it’s not ranking in the search results?

It’s often not down to the content on your blog but the correct keyword placement and optimisation. Make sure to include the keyword you want to rank for in the title of your blog post and throughout your content. Whenever you’re creating content for your website or blog you have to create it with the keyword you want to rank for and create good content that your audience is looking for.

A good place to get good content ideas for your blog is Answer the Public owned by Ubersuggest this will give you a list of topics to get your mind working and understanding what kind of content you should create for your blog that will provide your audience with the most value

SEO South Shields: On-Page SEO

If you’ve been looking into seo you have most likely heard the phrase on page vs off page seo so what is the difference in this segment we will cover on page seo.

On page seo is referring to strategies and techniques you can use to impact your websites position the search results by optimising website pages and content.

An example of on page seo is a combination of things like the url structure is the keyword you want to rank for in your url structure?
Also is the keyword you want to rank for incorporated throughout the website page?

As simple as it sounds you must include the keywords or keyword group on the particular page you want to rank for that search term.
Meta titles and descriptions? Have you included the keyword or search term in your meta titles and descriptions? This will all work towards increased rankings for on page seo. 

SEO South Shields: Off-Page SEO

So know you know about on page seo lets learn about off page seo.

In this segment we will cover off page seo,

Off page seo is very different to on page seo because it’s not your website your focusing on for this.
off page seo is other strategies that you should implement on other places your business exists online, from social media business pages, business listings and more.

You’ve probably heard the term NAP name address phone; this is standard protocol for a strong off page seo structure.
Meaning every business page, social media, business listing and just about anywhere your business exists online you should make sure your NAP is matching.

SEO For Small Businesses in South Shields

I always say you can have the most beautiful website in the world however if nobody can find your website online it’s pretty much useless costing your business money and not generating any revenue.

When your website is your best marketing tool and salesman you should be taking full advantage of the benefits of search engine optimisation, to put things into perspective of how valuable seo actually is check out how much people pay for google ads to appear on the top page of google for some keywords when you can be on the first page of google for multiple keywords FREE! 

Companies are spending £1,000’s on google ads every month even up to £10,000 per month range on google ads alone, they spend this money because they are of course getting a return on their investment however I often refer to this method as the running tap. Soon as you turn off those paid ads the traffic and customers will stop flowing you have to pay to be there!

With organic SEO its different, once you gain that top spot on google its actually very difficult for your competitors to knock you off that top position.
Why have you came across our website page? Because you googled seo? That’s because we practice what we preach!

We don’t just build beautiful websites we build websites that are optimised for search engines. by using the latest seo trends, tools and tech we can keep your website ahead of your competition and provide you with live tracking updates on your position on google.

Long Term SEO

When talking about seo every project is different, there is no one size fits all strategy this is would not work because what works in month one might not work in month two or three so you have to be diverse with your seo and understand it takes time and effort to dominate top tier results.

Search engine optimisation is a long term solution to organic traffic your top competitors know this and have been investing in seo for years! But this doesn’t mean you can’t beat them in 6 to 12 months you just have to be willing to put in the work either to conduct seo yourself or hire a freelance expert.

The thought of Search engine optimisation and how long it takes isn’t for everyone, some people want immediate results so they turn to paid ads google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads which is a great way to generate new customers and gain brand exposure however after a while it can become costly and not sustainable for the long term.

Paid advertising should be used in moderation with a healthy dose of seo with the right blend of seo and paid advertising you can carve out your own stream of customers simply form tapping into the already thriving search engines and opening the flood gates to the masses that use google and social media every day.

Working with us you have the peace of mind that you’re working with a self-taught expert and you don’t have to worry about big scary mainstream agencies and their expensive packages. We make seo affordable for every business owner no matter what stage your business is at.

SEO South Shields

SEO South Shields

We live and breathe web design No really! We do.

We love building websites but that’s not all we do.

As well as specialising in web design we are also experienced in social media, content creation, search engine optimisation, and pay per click advertising.

DLDWebDesign is like your very own digital Swiss army knife.
We are always sharpening the sword and utilising the latest tools and technologies to keep you a step ahead of your competition. 


Web Design Packages

When you choose us to build your website you get your very own website manager to assist you 24/7.

Small Business Package

This package is best suited to smaller businesses.

  • Custom 5 Page Website

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Google Indexed

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Website Content Creation

  • Website Manager

(Extra pages requested will have a design fee of £49.99)


Want to know more about this package? drop us a quick message and schedule a call with us!

Large Business Package

This package is best suited to large businesses.

  • Custom 10-15 Page Website

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Google Indexed

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Website Content Creation

  • Website Manager

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Analytics

  • Google My Business

(Extra pages requested will have a design fee of £99.99)


Want to know more about this package? drop us a quick message and schedule a call with us!

E-Commerce Website

This package is best suited to online stores.

  • Custom E-Commerce Design

  • 10-15 Website Pages

  • Unlimited Product Pages

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Google Indexed

  • Search Engine Optimised

  • Website Content Creation

  • Website Manager

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Analytics

  • Google My Business

(Extra pages requested will have a design fee of £129.99)


Want to know more about this package? drop us a quick message and schedule a call with us!

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