SEO For Tradesmen

Your tradesmen SEO specialist

So you’ve googled SEO for Tradesmen or something similar and you’ve came across me why?
Because I practice what I preach!


For years I have been studying SEO for Tradesmen finding the right keywords that best serve you.

A little bit about SEO for Tradesmen

For example, if I was looking for a Tradesmen I would type in google:
Tradesmen near me” or something very similar, this is known as a “keyword” or “search term”.
The idea behind quality keyword research is to discover which keywords that are most relevant to your business and are searched most often on a monthly basis.

Put simply, these Tradesmen SEO terms are what potential customers are typing into google to find your services i.e. “Tradesman near me”

The goal is to gather a list of popular Tradesmen SEO search terms relating to your business and build SEO optimised website pages around them for tradesmen, getting you that first spot on google for multiple keywords.

What’s great about Tradesmen SEO is once you gain that first place on google it can generate traffic for years to come with little to no maintenance.

Why choose me?

I am a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced professional SEO is my passion and for years I have been studying the art of SEO for Tradesmen like a mad scientist finding the right formula to success for Tradesmen across the uk.


100% Custom

Every client is different and I understand that, that’s why when it comes to Tradesmen SEO everything is fully custom based around your SEO requirements.


Client Relationships

My business is built on excellent communication, results and happy clients, I work until you are fully satisfied with your results.



I have been studying Tradesmen SEO since I built my first ever website for my dad’s construction company after mastering the craft I started my own SEO agency offering my SEO services to tradesmen.


I have the ability to present your business professionally having built 100’s of tradesman websites and conducted SEO for Tradesmen regularly.

There is a massive untapped market for tradesmen with SEO there are 1000’s of people each month searching for your services using multiple keywords such as “Plumber near me”

Tradesmen SEO is easy for me because the competition is low, your competitors are yet to take advantage of the keywords we have access to because they don’t have the budget or a passionate professional taking care of their SEO.

I create a complete custom Tradesmen SEO package tailored around trade specific keywords you want to target and incorporate in your SEO strategy.


Save thousands on scary monthly SEO costs for Tradesmen I am here to help, cut out the costs of the “corporate SEO Companies for Tradesmen” and hire a self-taught professional with the passion, knowledge and experience to deliver the best results on the market.

I utilise the latest SEO tools on the web such as SEMrush, google analytics, google search console, Bing webmaster tools and much more.

Not only do you hire me for SEO I share with you my resources, tips and tricks so you can learn in your own time on how to correctly manage, edit and conduct SEO on your own website.

There is no contract! You won’t be tied in-to anything.

If you’re not happy with my services you can leave anytime you like, however I am confident in my ability in delivering results for my clients and building long term business relationships.

At DLDWebDesign it’s a one-man operation with the expertise of a full scale marketing agency at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re a small or large business owner I can provide effective search engine optimisation and website design that delivers consistent results.

Keyword research can take time you want to put planning into your SEO right?

Together we come up with a list of keywords you would like to rank for and we begin creating landing pages optimised specifically for that keyword.

why do you think I appear on page one of google for SEO for tradesmen, it’s because I put planning and research into creating this page for you because I know tradesmen are in need of professional SEO services without the scary huge cost.
I help tradesmen save money with their SEO and gain more customers efficiently with no hassle or contract so you’re not tied in-to anything.
With SEO it is possible to rank for multiple keywords in different towns and cities by creating multiple pages targeting that search term and demographic area.

More traffic equals more leads for you, once your website starts ranking on google its becomes an automated booking in system, helping you book jobs in on the move and on the job.

I make this process simple for my clients by customising your SEO strategy based around your budget and goals.

It’s often not just the structure of your website or that lack of keyword rich content that is holding you back with your SEO,
It has a lot to do with the design, load speed, and most importantly is it mobile friendly?

Speaking of keyword rich content, take a look at your competitor’s type in google yourself and see who comes up first for the keyword you want to rank for.

Analyse what they are doing right, how many words are on their page?

How many times are they using the keyword?

And if you haven’t already, create your free account on google analytics and google search console to make keep track of your websites performance, check your rankings, index pages and much more.

I’m available to chat, 7 days a week between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

I would love to chat and talk about ways to grow your business online with my effective SEO for Tradesmen strategies, even if you don’t hire me I guarantee you will leave our phone call educated on search engine optimisation.   

If you would like to know more about SEO for Tradesmen or you would like to get started with your website and SEO drop me a quick message in the chat box below!